Queensland Model Aircraft Racing Association
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About us


QMARA, the Queensland Model Aircraft Racing Association is an incorporated special interest group affiliated through the Model Aircraft Association of Queensland (MAAQ) and Model Aircraft Association of Australia (MAAA).  As our name suggests our interest is Model Aircraft Pylon Racing and we regularly run large competitions at various model aircraft fields across Queensland.  We cater for competitors from sport or beginners classes like Quickie 500 (Q500) through to the international competition class F3D which are equivalent to the formula ones of our sport.  Our members regularly compete with great success at a national and international level and our competitions are renowned for their social atmosphere and fierce competition.

So for the uninitiated what is Pylon Racing?  Well it isn’t easy to explain but if you are into aircraft and like motor sport you’ll love Pylon.  Put simply three aircraft racing each other but primarily the clock for ten laps around a 400 meter triangular course.  The action is low and fast but there are surprisingly very few collisions and the pilots walk away from any mishaps unscathed.  Due to the nature of the competition and the rules and equipment used our sport has an excellent safety record and a growing number of participants.  In Queensland we run four classes at our major competitions to cater for people of all skill levels and there are a growing number of local sport level competitions for people to have a try or to gain experience.

If you would like to get involved in Pylon Racing or to come along to our competitions check out our calendar and make contact with someone from our committee who will answer your questions and get you started.